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Our commercial office cleaning services in Evansville and surrounding areas are as unique as each building we service. Whether you need a full top to bottom office cleaning or just want to keep your restroom facilities fresh, we can meet your all of your janitorial needs. From a standard office cleaning, to specialty areas such as carpets, tile, or windows we’ve got the people and tools necessary to get the job done right, on time and on budget! We do not use subcontractors – we do it ourselves. We are very familiar working with companies that have regulatory requirements.








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General Office Cleaning

A clean and well-organized office creates a positive impression for prospective employees and clients. We aim to keep your workplace looking as professional as the business being conducted in it. 

Maintain a clean and productive environment

Without proper cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, diseases can easily spread in the workplace. It’s a leading reason for loss in man-hours and revenue.

Keep your employees healthy

Office surfaces can be easily contaminated without regular cleaning. The average office desk contains about 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

Multi-Tenant Office Cleaning

Your office settings and arrangements gives visitors certain perceptions about the business and its owner. A well-structured and organized workplace that is clean and fresh reflects the quality of service to its tenants.

Attract new companies

Convey a professional environment to your tenants and new companies looking to move in.

Out-shine your competitors

A regularly cleaned space can be the difference in a potential tenant picking you over a competitor. 


Medical Office Cleaning

If you are an administrator, office manager or decision maker for a medical office building, you understand the importance of clean. Working with a cleaning company that adheres to the right standards can mean the difference between an office where infections spread and one where the staff and patients receive the best care.

Prevent the spread of disease

The quality of our services stem from the fact that the health of your patients and staff is our top priority.

We adhere to the standards

We have experience in offering services that meet HIPAA regulatory requirements.


Post Construction Cleaning

When you count on construction cleaning with S&S Cleaning Services, you can rest assured knowing we have the tools and experience to get the job done right. You really only have one shot at thorough post-construction cleaning. Call today to ensure you get moved in on a clean slate and on time.

Pass your inspection

With years of experience in post construction cleaning, we guarantee you will pass your inspection.

Open on time

We will have your new building spotless and ready for opening day.



In the case of infections like COVID-19, a single case could shut your business down for days or weeks. Protecting yourself, your business, and your customers doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. If you’re looking for commercial COVID disinfection services, look no further. S&S will take the stress out of keeping the germs away! We serve all types of businesses and buildings.

Leave your worries with us

Running your business and trying to keep everything disinfected is a lot to manage, so why not bring in the professionals?

Show that you're prepared

Using our services is one of the best things you can do to protect your employees and customers, while increasing confidence in your business.


Janitorial Services

Providing a clean, safe and healthy environment for staff and visitors is a critical aspect of operating a thriving facility.  The impression your facilities leave on people is lasting and tangible.  Staff recruiting and retention and overall image of your facility are all impacted by the standards set for both the health and appearance of your building.  We understand this and our programs are specifically designed to exceed the expectations of our partners.

Flexible scheduling and trusted staff

Have a hectic schedule? No problem. We work around your hours to provide quality services that don’t interrupt your day-to-day.

Our staff are thoroughly vetted and kept track of through Clockshark, which uses geofencing and shows the time in and time out status of each of our employees as they clock in or out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Manufacturing Facilities

Industrial and manufacturing facilities require heavyweight commercial cleaning. At S&S Commercial Cleaning, we have the experience to handle industrial spaces, along with access to our industry’s most heavy duty systems, technology, and chemicals.

We have the tools

Heavy duty machinery and floors deserve heavy duty cleaning supplies and procedures. Commercial cleaning on this scale is our specialty.


Deep Cleans

Our deep cleaning service goes further to get rid of dirt, grime, and soap scum. We thoroughly sanitize every area throughout the building. Sanitizing and disinfecting those hard to reach places. Deep cleaning can make your building a healthier environment, and at the same time make it look and smell fresh.

Quarterly, Bi-Annually, Annually

Hundreds of Evansville businesses trust and use S&S for routine and quality service throughout their fiscal year.



Instead of letting your industrial facility maintenance get out of hand, trust S&S Commercial Cleaning services to help maintain your plant productivity. 

Commercial Cleaning is in the name

With more than 17 years of experience tackling the biggest, toughest and most diverse industrial workspaces, S&S can deliver a clean that keeps your facility looking its best day in and day out.



The banking world is competitive and fast paced, and customers often struggle to see any real benefits in one bank over another. At S&S we understand this environment and how the little things, like a professionally maintained banking facility, can be crucial for locking down new accounts. 

Clean, safe, and secure

Whether in the waiting room or parking lot, S&S Commercial Cleaning supports your mission with seamless commercial cleaning and specialized services and benefits for your bank.



Our team of professional cleaners work in Government buildings on a regular basis and we understand that most government-run facilities need to be tax-payer friendly and cost-effective in daily operations. 

We serve all types of government buildings

S&S offers professional cleaning for federal, state, and municipal facilities, delivering well-appointed cleans that keep your facility clean, attractive, and hygienic for the people and communities you serve.